Saturday, October 8, 2016

Rick's Dick

In the marketing world of gay pornography, size is a mercurial proposition.  How many times have we seen what looks like an average sized dick (generally on an otherwise attractive performer), but we are told it is 7 1/2, 8, or even 8 1/2 inches?  Unless photoshopped, images don't lie, but we accept these deceptions as part of the fantasy.  The age-old convention, however, was certainly not necessary with the 1980s and 1990s gay porn superstar Rick Donovan who was initially advertised as "humongous."

Always a top who rarely kissed, sucked, or rimmed partners, Donovan embodied his humongous cock, to be serviced before receiving the offering of a willing butt.

Rick's dick, like his predecessor John Holmes and his successors Dick Masters, Ken Ryker, Tom Chase, Chad Johnson, Barrett Long, Chad Hunt, and so forth, had the power to reduce us to drooling size queens, ready to worship at the altar of this Priapus in the flesh.

The Big Ones (Falcon, 1991)
The Bigger the Better (Falcon, 1994)
The Bigger the Better 2 (HIS, 1994)
The Biggest One I Ever Saw (Sierra Pacific, 1984)
Dynastud (HIS, 1986)
Giants (Le Salon, 1983)
Hard To Come By (Fox Studios, 1985)
Sailor in the Wild (Laguna Pacific, 1983)
Stick Shift (HIS, 1986)
Think Big (All Worlds, 1988)